Aluminum Speed Bearing Skipping Rope

features1. New design, rotate 360° with ease. The handle use aluminum alloy material, light weight, beautiful appearance.

2. The jumping rope weighs 110g, with a handle 28g for each. It contains two imported bearings with one 360 rotating ball bearing and a lock screw.

3. 360°rotating ball bearing, rotates more easily.

4. The wire rope is covered with abrasion-proof PU surface, four times abrasion-proof than PVC

5. Strong aluminum stick with unibody CNC, covered with abrasion-proof patterns.



1. Our Jump Rope is perfect for anyone who wants to get in shape and master Double Unders.

2. Our jump rope comes with a fully adjustable 10 foot long cable and is fitted with two screws, so it's very easy to adjust.

3. This highest quality jump rope comes with light and very durable aluminum handles and a foam grip for better feel in the hand.

4. The steel cable is coated with a PVC sleeve for protection and better durability. You also get a premium carrying bag so you can take your rope anywhere!

5. Package include: 1pcs x Skipping Rope+Nylong bag